Sunday, September 20, 2009

In the Marsh

I return to pictures of the Shell Tree on Long Beach where I walk because I always love seeing it. This morning the sun was shining through some of the shells and a somewhat messy spider web was catching light too [lower left -- you can enlarge by clicking]. We've had three days in a row of blue skies, cool breezes, perfect September days. I've been walking on Long Beach because I know winter will be long. Two days ago the tide was so high I couldn't even walk along the sandy edge of the inlet side but had to walk a little higher up where the low dune starts. The changeability of the ocean still surprises and fascinates me.

The daisies in the lower photo are the tiniest I've ever seen. I have seen such small flowers, many in the Himalayas and even some in a marsh in Africa last January, but I didn't know daisies here could be so dwarfed. If you click to enlarge you'll see them about 4 times their size, they are only about half the diameter of a dime and some even smaller. I have written a poem about the ocean which I think I will post in a day or two.

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