Tuesday, September 8, 2009

EVening Sky

I have sky. Beautiful sky. To many people this is a nonsensical comment. But for me it is wonderful.

The apartment I lived in in NYC was on the 7th floor of a building that looked toward Broadway and 92nd Street. For many years I looked over two two-story buildings at that corner where there was a church with steps on which all kinds of people congregated. I could see a little bit of sky and, at certain times of the year, I would see the full moon over the buildings across the way. About four years ago those two-story buildings were demolished and gradually -- with loud jackhammers and rock breakers and then other kinds of noises -- a new building rose floor by floor up to 21. By that time it had gobbled my sky as well as any glimpse of street at all. I could not see sky without putting my face to my windows, turning my head to look upward and then could see a sliver of blue. They stole my sky.

So I rejoice that I have sky. This is an early evening sky with a hazy moon behind the pink clouds. I face east and so have dawns and, as I usually get up at 6:00, I will see dawns for the next many, many months. Having sky is a wonderful thing.

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