Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cloud Season

Probably every season in the Northeast is cloud season but the ones in the last couple of weeks have seem especially dramatic and wonderful. If I had a great camera I might feel inclined to take a series of cloud photos ... but I know other people are probably doing that and are much better equipped both technically and artistically than I.

Sometimes things in nature are just so fascinating I don't want to let them go. So I have many albums of flower photos I took on film. They are not technically special in any way. Sometimes I look back at them and usually I remember where and when I took them and I think what a lot of beautiful things I have seen and continue to see almost daily -- like these clouds at the beach a couple of days ago. I took both photos from the same spot where I was sitting on a small dune. One is looking east and one looking west two in the afternoon or so

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kasscho said...

Where do you live? I thought your profile said 'The Big Apple'? Was that in the past?