Sunday, August 30, 2009

End of Summer, 'End of an Era

Yesterday and today the sky has been leaden. Yesterday it rained all day, today, it was wet off and on. The temperature has dropped to sweatshirt weather. I do not believe this is the end of summer, it is simply a warning that summer is ending. The above sunrise was three days ago, a lovely. The sun will move down the line of trees as winter approaches.

That same sunny day I was working in the living room when I looked out and saw an unusual number of people across the street and some people lining our parking lot. More people came. Then I realized they were gathering to watch Ted Kennedy's hearse and the family cortege of black autos [and finally a Peter Pan bus] pass right here. I joined the crowd when I heard police sirens. Alas, not the official ones. So I stood with many others and waited. By the time the first motorcycle police came by the street was line on both sides as far up and down it as I could see. I have never participated in this way in such a public even before. It seemed a little strange.

This is the end, in a way, of hte Kennedy era. Jack, Bobbie and Teddy are American history now. Of course many other members of the family are public figures but not the same way. Jack was the first president for whom I voted and I am aware of how much I lived through from the '50s through the present. Every era is full of history but it's come at us thick and fast during this period. If I started listing just the big events I'd write two or three times the number of words I've written here already -- when I pause to think of them they march through my memory like a tsunami. Amazing to think about.

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