Tuesday, July 14, 2009


In a Wellfleet gallery last week Rachel and I saw an artist's arrangement of many, many pictures of doorways, tiny 2x2 photos in 4x4 white frames, made important because they were arranged as a block of, I don't know, perhaps 100 altogether. I remarked that I have a lot of photos of doorways -- most not digital -- but could do such an arrangement. But probably won't. I have made a quilt with, I think 16 doorways. It was not very successful and I've thought of taking it apart and using the photos more attractively. Perhaps ...

Meanwhile here are three doorways from three continents, three cultures, very different. The top is a private doorway to a home in the World Heritage City of Lijiang in Yunnan Province in China. It seems to me very essentially Chinese and wonderfully inviting.

Above here is an archway near the central square of Krakow, Poland, not a private doorway, those were, of course more modest and I did not photograph any in that city. But the central area totally charmed me as does this view on a Sunday morning with few people around.

This s a photo I took in Wellfleet the other day. It is the entrance from a parking lot of the Winslow Tavern == the back door I believe. A very modest, very New England-y structure probably constructed 100 or 150 years ago. The others don't look as old but are definitely older. I think I'm gradually talking myself into redoing that that door quilt.

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