Monday, July 13, 2009

Limmerick subject

[This photo of a cape buffalo has absolutely nothing to do with this blog. The whole tone is on the silly side so why not a pointless photo too?]

I am in a Swap-bot swap of limmericks on a postcard. I sent my favorite -- because I'm a sucker for such work play:

The Rev. Henry Ward Beecher
called the hen an elegant creature.
The hen, please with that,
laid an egg in his hat,
and thus did the hen reward Beecher.

I've known this limmerick for a very long time. My swap-ee was more clever than I and actually wrote an original limmerick just for me:

There once was a NY lady named June,
Who moved so she could walk on a dune.
She'd lived in the city
But thought it too gritty
Now that she is no longer jejune.

The author uses the name de swap of Annasue. I'm honored and delighted.

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Steve Slimm said...

Hey June - found you through
I'm also into limmericks on my blog!
It's a fun way to get people to your site. Have a great day.