Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'm Gardening, sort of

I am not a gardener and do not wish to be a gardener -- it was a chore when I was growing up -- hoeing weeds in long rows of vegetables. My mother did not grow flowers except for trying to grow dahlias, her favorite, always with little success and some frustration. I was not primed to enjoy gardening and I don't. But I like flowers, mainly on other people's property.

Now that I live in a flower rich town, I feel the need of doing my token bit since I also have a token kind of patio. There were two hooks for hanging flower pots so my Mother's Day gift was two pots of red geraniums which flowered beautifully then had a dormant spell and which are again flowering abundantly and are quite beautiful. An entirely adequate token, I think.
One day Rachel arrived with a big pot holding a little tomato plant. I was told by friend, Jan, to douse it liberally in the mornings and give it Miracle-Gro every few days. I have done so. This photo was taken only about 10 days ago and as of today it is much taller and fuller and one tiny green globe promises to become a tomato as do a few yellow flowers. Actually it looks like it's going to be more ornamental than fruit bearing. But what do I know? Close to nothing. So we'll see.

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