Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sea, Sand and ... Sun?

So I moved to this very beautiful place where the sea is never more than three miles away, the beaches are beautiful and everyone seems impelled by pure civil good will to fill their lawns with beautiful flowers. What have I to be grumpy about -- other than the quality of fruits and vegetables in the markets? [I will add that yesterday an outing to a market yielded a very presentable ear of fresh corn which had fresh, moist tassls, plus totally delicious sugar peas]. Today my only complaint is that we seem this season to be allotted only one day of sun a week. That was yesterday. The gray has so dispirited me that I've been out only to take out garbage although it didn't rain and I COULD have taken a walk and SHOULD have done so for my own frame of mind and good health. Instead, when not sewing blocks for the almost completed chain patterned quilt, I gazed at the lawn which has been full of very chubby robins and a dramatic blue jay as well as various LBBs -- a small flock of which settled on a spindly little bush and literally bounced like trampoline gymnasts on the scrawny branches.

So why be grumpy? I had an hour with Schubert who seems to master me and not vice versa but I'm trying to meet him half way -- if only he'd stay in one key! But he loved changing keys and since he's dead there's nothing I can do about it but bend to his will. He had the misfortune to die in his mid-30s, half my age. What wonders we would have had he lived longer! The town is full of roses now and I'll happily dedicate these two simple roses to Franz S.

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