Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Family Tournament

Two weeks of gray days with only a few hours of sun here and there -- none since Saturday. I have plenty to occupy me but simply feeling closed in by a force beyond my control has given me cabin fever. Rachel and Cori were feeling it too. We've long talked of having a Scrabble tournament among ourselves and even had a "prelim" warm up game over two weeks ago.

Today we started in earnest. A real game with each of us looking for the triple letter score, the double word score the the optimal way to use good words already on the board. It was a close game with different ones ahead at different times. That's the best way to play a game, with equals -- so what if we are three generations. We all read a lot, and we have good vocabularies and all are subject to the chance of the draw. I won this one, by only a little. More will ensue, it's highly unlikely I will win the next -- though I'll try my best. It lifted the ennui and the gloom for all of us. We are hoping to see the sun soon -- it's supposed to be summer.

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