Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The "Girls"

There are funny throw-backs in families. My mother had a special passion for photos of generations of the family. Rachel seems to have some of the same sensibility. She suggestd this three-generation mother's day photo. It's my photographic debut exhibiting the disastrous hair cut that resulted from stopping in a cheap-o Super-Cuts one day when I had been working hard packing and was very tired. I closed my eyes a few minutes while having my hair "trimmed" -- I don't think I feel asleep but I was spaced out -- and when I opened my eyes, I had been scalped. I had the haircut of a little boy. "You said short," said the hair dresser. But I was only talking about the part at the back of my neck. Well -- it can't be glued back on but it will grow. I think it does make me look a bit distinctive. But it doesn't feel like "me" whatever, whoever "me" may be. It's growing -- a little. By summer's end I should be more normal.

Cori, my granddaughter, has a very good photographer's eye and imagination. I've seen several pictures she's taken of simple things we all see, but she sees them freshly and photographs them. She also has a fun imagination for photos she's in. The one above cracks me up every time I see it. Cori and her mother were at an orchard and pumpkin patch farm last fall. They climbed on this tractor and had Jason, Cori's husband, take a picture of them looking like heroines of the Russian Revolution. You've seen the posters, here's the 2008 version.

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Anne said...

I like that haircut, I think it's cute! I went through a short hair phase and could never find a haircutter who would cut it short enough, I'm amazed you found one who cut it too short. Although I still think it looks cute. I used to love running my hand around the back of my neck and feeling stubble there, weird I know, but I liked stubble then.

Heroes of the Russian Revolution, gotta love it!