Friday, April 10, 2009

Checking Off To-Do List

The list of things I want to do before I leave goes through my mind most mornings before I get out of bed. It's dwindling. Last weekend I walked through Strawberry Fields in Central Park and then along the rowboat lake -- beautiful day, beautiful walk. Wednesday I went to a program on memory at the Rubin Museum and will try to go to another program next Wednesday -- they're doing a series called "Brainwave." They did a similar series last spring and I was disappointed but this one was interesting with a good discussion afterwards.

Yesterday was another lovely day -- so far the lovely ones are wedged between cold, wet ones -- so I went to the Conservatory Garden in Central Park, one of my favorite quiet places. Pictures are from there, the pansies lined a bed of still closed tulips. The St. Gaudens statue of The Three Graces Dancing is one of the most graceful and purely delightful public statues I know of -- it's even better when they have turned on the water in the fountain of which it is the centerpiece, but never mind -- they were framed by beautiful flowering trees with a blue and white sky above. As usual the park was full of quiet people, lunch eaters, parents with kids, couples, tourists of many varieties, people like me.

Another couple wet days are predicted but I may get to a museum -- after spending a fair amount of time here sorting and packing. Sometimes "sorting" is more the operative word. That's good too. I'm in the midst a major change and a time for taking stock and sorting, getting rid of the dust bunnies of accumulation [and quite a few of the under-th-bed kind too].

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Nicole said...

June, just stopping by to say nothing in particular other than let you know I really enjoy reading your blog!:) Nicole aka TeaNi at s-b