Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Words to ponder

Wish I'd said that -- I so often read something and think, I wish I had the lyric or thoughtful or aphoristic turn of mind of that writer. I was catching up with some blogs I often read [see side bar links on this and on Calenderpages blog] last night and read Down From the Mountain which is listed in my links as "American in Japan" His name is Bob and he sometimes writers very lyrically and usually very observantly. Yesterday he had written [among other thoughts]:

The elder years are when joy is at last in its prime, when youth is at last enjoyed and fulfilled. How sad it is then, if one has done little to look back on.

I'd have loved to have said that. But I can say it's wonderful to have done much and have much to look back on.

On the other hand I read the post of "American lama in Mongolia" who wrote most interestingly about apparently having run into a genuinely malignant force from a "bad" lama or black magic practicing fake lama. One reads such stories in, say, the writing of Alexandra David-Neel but Konchong is a very down to earth man and I think he is totally honest when he tells of his Mongolian experiences -- the previous post was about the Mongolian sport of wolf hunting. Both were thought provoking post, sometimes I like the blogosphere a lot.

The photo is a cactus, as you see, if enlarged a large and interesting flower is obvious, a second flower was on the other side of the plant.

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