Monday, March 23, 2009

Time for Good Sense and Humanity

For eight years I have despised Dick Cheney and all he stood for, most especially for his home land security paranoiac destruction of civil rights. He criticized Obama for wanting to close Guantanamo and for saying waterboarding is torture, saying the security of the US is in peril because of Obama's stands. And happily today I read that Obama said in rebuttal that we could be far less secure by making the entire Arab world hate us for our unfair practices. So many already hate us and many with good reason; they hated us before 9/11, they hate us more now that we have been so arrogant, imperial and generally paranoid about our security.

I cannot comment with any originality or great understanding or even emotional passion about what is happening with the economy or health care or other enormous matters. But i have felt passionately about the insanity of our treatment of the prisoners at Guantanamo and about our torture methods -- it has sickened and horrified me. For his humanity in this area alone, I rejoice that we have the President we have.

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