Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Resisting the urge to livei in the future.

This is the first tiny crocus in my daughter's yard in Hyannis, Mass. We were happy to welcome it. On the other coast, in San Rafael where my other daughter works the tulips in front of her "house" excite her handicapped clients no less than they excite her. Spring is coming to those of us in the northern parts and has arrived in the south, as an email from Tennessee told me describing pear trees with dancing white blossoms.

I've just done errands and walked a couple of miles in the sunny 60 degree afternoon. When I returned I realized that many of my thoughts were not about enjoying what I have here and now but thinking ahead to after my move. Thinking of eating breakfast on a patio on summer mornings, listening to birds, and wondering if I would like to get petunias or marigolds or some other flowers in pots for that patio. It's habitual, of course, to think ahead but it's a habit I'd like to break more often than I do.

True there were no flowers and no green at the tips of the twigs on the trees just yet but the street scene on such days is fascinating. Some people are out in shirt sleeves, some still bundled up in coat, boots and scarves. It's the period of often not knowing when you go out the door whether that bright sunshine is going to be warm and wonderful or deceptive because of a chilly breeze. How to dress? However you dress you may well wish you were dressed otherwise. But much of life is like that. Who said we should be comfortable all the time? If anyone did it was the advice of a fool. Discomfort doesn't hurt, whether it's being a bit sweaty or a bit shiver-y.

Every walk now will bring something different. It is time to make an effort to go into Central Park or Riverside Park and watch the changing scene, the trees that bud, the flowers, the grass greening, the people sitting on benches with their faces turned to the sun. it's not time to have summer, first this season, one of the four best seasons we have!

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