Friday, February 13, 2009


DON'T FORGET YOU CAN CLICK THE PHOTO AND IT WILL ENLARGE TO FULL SCREEN -- if you click the baboons from yesterday's post you'll see some darling babies farther down the road. And I've posted birds here that will be much more interesting if you click and enlarge.


Above is a lilac breasted roller, a middle sized bird that we saw often, always with delight. As you'll see in enlargement it has a lovely breast, but when it flies the wings and back feathers are more colorful. Yes, we older dogs can learn appreciation for new things, yes, indeed!

Below are ostriches in an huge open field with many other kinds of animals around [but not in photo]. I had forgotten until told that when the small plane taking us into the bush had aborted a landing because "there were ostriches on the runway" -- but, yes, they are native to South Africa.
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Just a few of the congregation of Marabou storks seem on an animal reserve near Victoria Falls, I didn't snap in time to get a dead tree in which at least 20 were perched. There were several other kinds of stork as well -- wintering from Europe.

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