Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Prediction via computer

It's the time of year when financial advisers discussk IRAs and other savings to determine a client's needs, wants and risk tolerance. I had such a talk last week and subsequently got a form-like print-out of projections based on our talk. Nothing new on it except a little line that said something like "projected need to age 100." That stopped me. I've never heard anyone say that I should base my future calculations on living to be 100. Not that I haven't thought I'd like to live to 100.

But suddenly a computer algorithm is set to calculate that far out, it suddenly seems
"officially" in the realm of the possible. Oh, I know, it's just what some guy programmed into the software. But substantial numbers of people are living to 100 and it's not inconceivable, even from a practical, rather than pie-in-the-sky wish point of view. Cheered me up. At least until I thought -- so how is that affordable? Sometimes one hits a wall and decides, cross that bridge IF I come to it.

Note: Top picture is a sunset cruise on the Kwando River in Namibia, in the delta area. The bottom picture is just a little section of the mighty Victoria Falls - and "mighty" was never a more appropriate word. It is HUGE, stunning, amazing and MIGHTY!

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