Monday, September 22, 2008

Feeling Their Pain -- Not!

The NY Times Business Section yesterday showed sixteen CEO of big financial type institutions with how much they were worth last year and how much they're worth now, in the midst of the current debacle. There were typically numbers like formerly worth $800 million, now worth $350 million. A couple of guys had sunk to only a little more than half a million -- I suppose THEY're really hurting, for their life styles probably demand more than that a year. Quite possibly some of these guys are really fine folks at heart. But I must admit I'm not a fine enough folk to feel their pain. If you had hundreds of millions and you still have hundreds of millions after it's cut in half, it really can't hurt. No matter how smart, how mean and nasty, or how generously philanthropic, no one should have that much when so many have so little. It just ain't fair and I don't believe it can be either earned or deserved.

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MaryContrary said...

Amen!! Even if I thought they had really earned their hundreds of millions I couldn't get too much sympathy. Too many others have lost proportionately more than they have. Anyone used to earning $40k and who must now make it on $20k or less is really hurting. Not someone who goes from $500M to $250M. Or who can't find a new job or get the hours on the old job to make a living.