Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Lady Does What a Lady Has to Do

I've just seen a headline that says "Heal-ary" referring to Hilary's speech last night saying of Obama, "He must be our President." She had to say that. I recognize that if she had gathered all the votes he would surely have had to say something very similar, because, of course the goal is to elect a Democrat.

I've been in Hilary' camp since before Bill was elected; but then I've been a feminist in my heart since a certain day when I was six and realized that boy children and girl children are allotted different roles -- or were. And I believe still are. It was not that I was less loved than my little brother but that he, at two years younger, was allowed to "drive" the brand new tractor [standing between Dad's knees] and I was told that "girls don't drive tractors." It was the newest, most wonderful in my family's life at that particular time. I have never forgotten. I don't remember my overt reaction. I suspect it was far from as gracious as Hilary was.

I don't know what she was feeling, I only know what I would have been feeling -- a piercing pain like a stiletto in the heart. Another defeat for women, another brave face, another "do the right thing." And we do, over and over. In my estimate, she's a great lady and I hope she'll have an important role in years to come.

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magikquilter said...

Very well said....and they are talking about much change can be handled is the question I guess.