Thursday, July 10, 2008

Life Time Pass

As we approached the entrance to Yellowstone National Park the toll-taker must have noticed a head of white hair sitting in the passenger seat for, as Rachel was extending a $20 bill, he asked, "Is anyone in the car 62 years of age or older?" "Indeed." I answered. He then explained that if I had photo ID [of course I had!] I could have a lifetime National Parks pass for $10, which would admit me and anyone in the car with me -- for as long as I live! Hip-hip-horray! Love it!!!

Oh, yes, being older has its perks. I love my NYC MTA card that gives me $1 rides on all public transportation. I love going to movies before 5:00 and getting a discount. I love all those discounts in museums and other places that have senior discounts. Yes, it's very nice to save the money. But it imparts a pleasant little feeling that I've lived a good while and worked pretty hard at that living and a perk is a sweet little reward for all this time paying full price.

So far I've seen little of our National Parks. For some years I've been saying that I would continue international travel as long as possible because the US will always be closer and easier to get to. True enough! There's still much of the world to see, but, especially as people become more sedentary, going to the national parks becomes a greater pleasure. We did trail walking every day and were often alone for long periods or saw only a few people -- never enough people to make woodlands or meadows feel crowded. And this was at the height of vacation time. I'll have to do more National Park walking. And all for $10 entrance fee.

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Elderwoman said...

June, I obtained my Golden Age Pass the day after I became eligible and it remains one of my most treasured possessions. Not only is it great to be able to take a whole carful of people into parks for free when one is retired and living on a reduced income, but to get half price camping in National Forest campgrounds is good too. Above all, for me it imparts a sense of belonging. Of being an elder who has earned certain privileges by living a long life and loving those places a long time. The parks are priceless treasures. I hope you get to see many more of them now, in your 'third age'.