Saturday, July 26, 2008

Let There Be Light

Good light has always been important -- not just important, necssary -- to me, and I've been shfting various lights I have around for nearly a year since my well loved halogen light went kaput. Why didn't I replace it? Because, actually it was ugly. Furthermore, it was also hot in the summer when I was reading near it.

For some time I've been looking at ads for the Ott Light which is supposed to have a full spectrum and is not hot, so they say. But I have a light with the new weird looking bulb and I don't like it's light so I've been hesitant about something else with a new weird bulb and those lights are as ugly as the halogen one was. Earlier this week I saw that the non-dollar part of the mid-town dollar store had a variety of lamps, standing ones and table ones all seemed to be $29 which is a good price for a decent looking lamp.

Off I went today to get a [faux] brass lamp and home I came with a full spectrum lamp which is even uglier than was the halogen lamp. I'm not sure what hit me and made me make that decision as I stood there with plenty of time to consider the pros and cons.
So I trundled home with it in it's box, the size of which told me that "some assembly was required" as the ads say. It was easy assembly, simply screwing three sections together -- not exactly a challenge.

To my true surprise, I really like the light. It seems truer and cleaner than either the usual incandescent or the somewhat difficult halogen. I have been both working on the computer and reading a novel in its light and both have been pleasant on my eyes. Perhaps this is a poor man's Ott light, probably it is a Chinese imitation, certainly it cost a lot less and the ugliness factor is about the same. It's behind my reading and writing chair and can be angled over my desk when I sit there to address envelopes and do financial stuff. I pronounce myself pleased with this new-fangled invention. We older dogs can learn to enjoy new treats.

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