Monday, June 2, 2008

Big 7-0 and Going Strong - WHAT?

This is a blog about what it's like from one woman's perspective to hit the big 7-0 -- an age one doesn't imagine becoming but partly expects to merely pass through on the way to 99 or so. However, I find it standing in the doorway like a wooly mammouth resurrected, DNA intact, from the melting tundra of the Siberia of life. It wants to be reckoned with; it's a big bruiser but it looks friendly. We'll learn to live together.

This is a place where I will share information and ideas I gather -- mostly about life, in its seriousness and silliness and overall amazing-ness. In the particular is revealed the universal so my experiences, reading, living will be the acorn from which a little tree of, I hope, wisdom begins to sprout. Like the Kunitz quote, I will share the words of others that especially speak to me at this time in my life. I'll share photos, my own and those in the public domain. The one above is my photo of tulips from the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. They are in glorious full bloom -- and that is what I feel like these last few days of my 69th year.


This is not a diary. If something I experienced that day is revelatory of something I need to say about the Big 7-0 and about "Going Strong" I'll use it as best I can. But it will be in service of something beyond eating at a good restaurant, say.

I will not rely on the new age or self-help vocabulary. There are several times as many books on those subjects as seem necessary to me plus there's Oprah and her lesser imitators. I hope this blog will not be boring -- but I may the be last to know. I hope readers will use the comment function to agree and disagree, correct any idiocies I [accidentally, you know?] let slip.

So today it's WHAT, tomorrow it's WHO -- beyond the brief statement above == then a quick look at WHEN and WHERE ... then we'll see Whence and Wither and stop this fun, but nonsensical alliteration.

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